Render Problems on Mac

Im making a movie on blender. and half the times i try to render a scene the program exits out automatically. Especially if i try to render in hd. is there a way to avoid this?

try increasing the x-parts and y-parts in the render setup. i set mine to 64x64, and i have no problems rendering the largest frames for print resolution. there are other tips for optimizing, like turning off any render layers you do not need, and minimizing the sample rates clipping distances for your camera and lights.

but do u have a mac??

How much memory do you have? What kind of crash do you get?

It might be a real crash, or it might just be Blender running out of memory. Try opening Blender in debug mode and see what it tells you.

It’s definitely a memory and Macs are more prone to it. Listen to Jim, that’s whay the Save Buffers option was coded…Devs needed it to prevent the Mac render farm from crashing on massively textured high def frames when rendering Elephant’s Dream (large textures are super memory hogs).

i should note that using Save Buffers may slow down the rendering, as it is slower to write to the hard disc than to ram, but it will allow you to render larger frames, without crashing. and yes, i am using a mac. mostly.

alright thankks a bunch. basically im just trying to render my whole movie in HD for the best quality.