Render Problems on OSX

I am having servaral Render problems on my mac. I keep trying to render an animation and the program crashes. Additionally, I have tried to select a render output location and it keeps reverting back to the default. What am I doing wrong?

Will Nobody Help me?

What’s your computer? OS? Are you a intel?


No. I am on a 1.5 ghz G4 with 2 GB of ram. I am running Tiger

So, have you been successful rendering to default?


No. if i try to render to a default location it doesn’t appear to save it anywhere on the hard dirve.

The default location for me is /tmp/

So if you do render to the default location, and it seems to work for you, you can access this folder by pressing command-g and then typing in /tmp/.

There you should be able to find your file. Hope this helps a little.


I have Blender crash sometimes if I click the render button. Espeically for HD renders. The work around I’ve found is to open a shell and use blender’s command line and call the program to render in the background.

/Users/Kirk/Application/blender2.42/blender/Conents/MacOS/blender -b /path/to/file -s1 -e300 -a

that’s the path for my computer. Your’s will be a little different depending where the file is located.

I think more information may be useful. Tiger comes in many sub-versions. 10.4.3, for example, was known to cause lots of Blender problems (though not what you’re describing). Blender comes in a number of releases, plus cvs versions with two flavors of Python. So, which version of Tiger do you have and which release of Blender?

As I recall, the default TMP render location on the Mac is a hidden folder (I haven’t used the default for a while as I reset my default to a “RENDERS” folder. To make the change stick, open a fresh file, change the render path then press Ctrl-U to save as the new default start-up settings.

Changing the render path is unlikely to solve a crashing problem though, I suspect.