Render problems with an IOR material

Hello everybody

I’m totally new on this site and I’m pretty new with blender. I am currently working on an animation with different objects. I have one specific problem: I created a nice looking material for a futuristic plastic bottle. Problem: the material looks completely different in the render preview and in the final render result. In the final render result it looks as if the IOR wouldn’t have been applied. In all the other objects I have whit IOR it’s never a problem - just in this specific case. Can somebody help? I would be very thankful. I’m working with blender 2.74

two screenshots of render preview and final render are attached - furthermore the blend. file.



Bottle.blend (734 KB)

The problem is a solidify modifier which is disabled in viewport (eyeball is light grey) but enabled in render (camera is dark gray) So in this case you would want to disable the render visibility of the modifier (by clicking the camera to make it light gray.) or just deleting the entire modifier.

omg - thanks for the fast and correct reply! thanks a lot -----