Render Problems

Hey, I’m trying to link some bones from an armature to sever different objects which makes up a 2-d person. However, whenever I push render, the arms and legs move all over the place on the 3d viewport, and the render is of this jumbled guy. even when i move them back to where they belong with the GKEY, pushing Render just moves them all back to jumbled again.

any ideas??

Disconnect your armature from the objects. Select the armature and go to Edit Mode. Select all bones and press Ctrl-N --> Recalculate bone roll angles. Go back to Object Mode.

Reconnect the armature to the objects. Select the armature again and enter Pose Mode.

With the armature selected, open the Action Editor. Select all keys and X --> Delete. (Having keys is what is causing everything to move back to the place it was when you try to render or change frame.)

Back in the 3D View select all bones and press Alt-G, Alt-R, and Alt-S to clear location, rotation, and size respectively. Move/rotate/size the bones how you want. Select all bones again and press I to insert keys, if needed/desired.

Hope this helps.

thanks man, big help! you’re the master.