render problems

Hi. I have an animation that has 700 frames in it. I have a camera on a path that lasts 440 frames. When I go to render current frame it wont render the image above 248 frames. I’m truly puzzled by this. I have tried all settings to no avail. Can any one please help.

I suppose you want us to use guesswork. Please ALWAYS attach or post a link to your blend file. Make it easy for other people to help you

You can upload your blend file to and reply with the download link

Thank you for your advice Richard. I have done what you suggested and uploaded the file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Paul.

You have added a scene strip in the video sequence editor.

Remove it
or make it the correct length
or in the Render / Post Processing panel deselect ‘Sequencer’

Hi there. Thanks to all your help for the quick solution to my problem. Feel silly now I know the answer, but that’s learning. Thanks again. Kind regards, Paul.