Render proxies

Hey folks!

Is it possible to have proxies in Blender? By proxies, I don’t mean the way to modified a linked object the way it is implemented now. I mean proxies like in Mental Ray, Renderman, Arnold etc where you have a low res object but when it’s time to render, the renderer will actually render a high res object it gets from the hard drive. I saw an add-on that does something similar but the high versions need to be on another layer as opposed to being outside Blender and that defeats the purpose of using proxies. The goal is to NOT load the high res objects in Blender. Only on render time.

search for “proxify” here on the forum.

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It’s a cool addon but you still need to have all the high res geo in the file, which is what I’m trying to avoid. What I need is to get the hires geo from outside the file, from another file.

You can try maybe this one beta : Highpoly instancing script for Blender 2.8 (WIP)

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Cool. I’ll check it out

Yep! That will do it! Thanks!