render quality

I just have a quick question. The movies I render are too good for my computer to run without fps issues. Can I tune it down to work on my computer better?

What codec are you using?

AVI codec right now, but I don’t really mind what codec it is as long as it can run on an older windows computer at school.

thanks alot

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I recently rendered a 4 second video using first, avi(raw). The result was a 154 meg file that did not really play that well in media player, or vlc that well, especially after adding sound. I downloaded and installed the xvid codec, and was able to use it in Blender, resulting in a 268 KB file (497 KB) after adding sound, that works well with media player and vlc. The bottom line though is that you will have to use a codec that is loaded on the machine at school, or it won’t play.

Find out exactly what codecs are loaded on the machine at school, and find out id they any additional can be installed.

Best of Luck!

Enable Quicktime and set the codec to MPEG4, low to medium quality. turn your frame rate down to about 12-15 frames per second, and if all else fails, scale the video size down to 50 %- maybe lower depending on how lousy the graphics processor is on the computers that you’re using. Also, do not render information that you do not need to view for the preject that you’re working on. You can always re-render and recombine your elements at a later time. Quicktime is loaded on almost every machine on earth.

Edit: Render your movies as an image sequence FIRST and then re-render the that sequence as a movie file. Otherwise a power surge may leave you broken hearted. You can import the sequence into the nodes compositor via an image node. Click on the icon in the lower right hand corner to enable rendering from an image sequence, and type in the total # of frames for the sequence in the upper left hand field. Disable everything on the render layers tab and set the number of frames on your timeline to match the # of frames in your sequence. Render.