Render Question

When I view scene in camera, it looks fine (Blender 2.59) Render the scene and the last process then puts a black frame around the render in effect only rendering a small portion in the middle? How can the render controls be adjusted to render the whole area viewed in camera view? The camera is set for what I want and there is only one camera?:eek:

Add a link to your blend file. You can host it here

Here it is, thanks for looking.

What’s the url of the file you uploaded ?

I thought i uploaded to the link you gave me.

When you upload a file you’ll then get a link to the uploaded file.


If the blend file is too large, remove any unneccessary textures and when you save the blend file remember to tick Compress in the lower left of the blender file browser

Resolved. The background image was a different ratio than the render settings. When the render settings were changed to match the background image in the nodes, the renders now work fine. PS Thanks Richard, you got me old brain working again.