Render Questions

I’ve been wanting to render out an animation and a still picture.

  1. With the animation, how do I save it and how can I put a .avi as a background image? I want the CG object to interact with the character.

  2. How can I render my CG object and the .avi out together? I’m trying to put the CG and the actual footage in one .avi and not have to edit it.

Is this possible?

Ok I’ve gone through the process and have set up a tutorial for doing this:

Displaying an avi (or other video) in the background of the 3D view.

  1. Go to the Texture Buttons (F6) and select the green [World] Button on the left.

  2. Add a [new texture], name it something like “Background” and specify it as an [Image] type.

  3. Under the Image panel, click the tan [Load Image] button and select your video file.

  4. Also under the Image panel, click the green [Movie] button

  5. We need to specify the range of frames to use, so under the Anim and Movie tab, click the tan [<] button to use the entire range of frames.

  6. Now, click the [View] menu and select [Background Image…] and a hovering panel should appear.

  7. Click [Use Background Image] and select the background texture you just created from the [Texture] list. The video file should appear in the Front, Side, and Top Orthographic views(Numpad 5 toggles between perspective and orthographic), along with your camera’s perspective.

You should now match up your scene with the video background.

Now, proceeding on to compositing the two, we’ll use Blender’s Sequence Editor.

  1. By default, Blender has several window arrangements saved to help your workflow. Simply Press Ctrl+RIGHTARROWKEY twice to bring up the Sequence (Non-Linear) Editor. (Note: You can also select “Video Sequence Editor” from the list of window types by clicking on the icon in the header of any window).

  2. With your cursor in the Sequence Editor, Press Shift+A->Scene or Select Scene from the Add menu. Place the scene at the bottom left of the window, starting at frame 1.

  3. Now Add the background movie by selecting Add->Movie. Place it directly OVER your scene strip (vertical order is important!), starting at frame 1.

  4. Now we need to composite the two. Select both clips by Shift+RIGHTCLICKing both. Then do Add->Effect->AlphaUnder and place it above the scene and movie.

Now that we have composited them, we have to tell Blender to render using the sequence editor.
12)Press CTRL+LEFTARROW twice to return to the 3D view layout.

  1. Go to the Render Buttons (F10) and select the purple [Do Sequence] button under the Anim tab.

  2. You probably want to enable OSA, and set the render size to 100% (Both under the render tab), and set your image codec (under the format tab) to AVI codec or Quicktime Movie. The way most professionals do it is to render to a sequence of TGA or PNG files and then later recompile them into an animation using post production software (The Sequence editor can do this). This way you don’t corrupt the entire video file if Blender crashes halfway through your animation.

Anyway, hope this was of help to you and to others!

Thank you so much! :smiley: