Render Refresh?Help

I am messing around with my camera’s position however my render doesn’t seem to change from the first render I made. I’m not sure if this is important but in the command prompt that comes up when u open blender it says import site failed use -v for traceback. Help

The error message has nothing to do with it. select your camera and press ctrl-Numpad0 to make it the active camera.


That didnt do anything. Im using BlenderSaber would that have anything to do with it?

What is BlenderSaber?


Its a python script used to create a lightsaber like glow.

Oh, qwe’s lightsaber plugin. You had me fooled!

Anyhow, the camera is an Object like any other in Blender. If you select an obj (say a Cube) and do as Greybeard says then that obj will become the “camera”. If you have 2 cameras you need to select the one that you want to render from (active) and Ctrl-Numpad-Zero.


Does that mean you’re using the sequence editor?

If you have “Do Sequence” on in the render buttons, the buffer only re-renders if you change frame, or press “Refresh” in the sequence editor buttons.

Try moving up one frame (Left-Key) and render again.

Ammusionist was right. Thanks a lot guys.