Render Review of Ferrari 458 Italia [By 2.8 eevee]


Used and HDRi with 2.8 Cycles Shadow catcher. This is not full sample (around 100). Suggest some changes or tell the flaws…

This shold be in the focused critique section. There’s a report post button in the bottom left corner which you could use to ask to move it.

  • Because of the shadows, it looks like the car is floating in mid air

  • Because of the depth of field, it looks like a miniature

  • Fake bokeh is almost in tangent with the roof and doesn’t look great

  • Front bumper surface is uneven

  • Could read up on photography guides on how to setup studio lighting for car photography,

  • other photography sites on how to photograph a car in other setting,

  • search for examples.

I have an addon in my browser to search an image with google image search and it gives similar looking images as a result
There seems to be photographs and renderings, which you could check if there’s an example of a setting you would like to use in yours and then just steal it (the setup, not the image). Just that there’s an example doesn’t mean it’s great though. The composition might be off, or there are things in the shot that the photographer didn’t have a control of.

Well I have reported and thanks for your advice.
I looked forward to it and will respond to you after the changes. Thanks again

Moved from “Support > Modeling” to “Artwork > Focused Critique”

See this one. I think its a lot better than before I also added the logos to the body and smoothened out the body including the bumper and used a studio HDRi.
Full Res link:

And after another edit:

Nice work though i think the DOF is a bit odd in your last render.

^DOF looks odd because of missing elements to relate to & no matter how much blur/DOF is introduced the simple background will always show as flat, taking away the feeling of depth, ambience of space… thus, it feels unnatural to our vision

note: always add at least one element to express relation, consider composition, a harmony between extremes (max-min), reveal your vision to the untrained eye / i.e. architecture uses the Modulor

Some thougts after the edit?