Render same 10 seconds multiple times, each time different camera?

Title says it all. I want to have my stuff render during the night. I want to render same 10 seconds (300 frames, meaning 1800 with 6 diff cameras) multiple times with each time other camera being active. Basically render 10 seconds with camera 1 then those SAME 10 seconds with camera 2 etc etc. Is there a way to do that? And if not is there some other similar way to do it?

I did use command way, basically bunch of different save files with different render locations, but it takes almost double the time normal eevee render since most of the time command is spent syncing stuff instead of rendering. Eevee with blend open takes 20 sec while with command it takes 34-40 sec.

Blender doesn’t really have a systerm like Maya, Houdini and sorts, to render multiple ‘sets’ of View Layers+camera on the same timeframe in one go.

You will have to install a addon like render+, or do it with command line options.
I recommend something like render+ or similar, it makes it less annoying to use.
Rendering, especially when you have a bit more complex setups, is still somewhat of a underdeveloped part of Blender imho.


Does it have what i need? :slight_smile:

You can create an empty scene in video sequencer, add a scene strip to it, duplicate it and precise a different camera for each scene strip.
In that case, same 10 seconds are rendered several times from different angles, but corresponds to different frames in unique 1800 frames rendered image sequence.

You can create linked copies of Scene using a different active camera for each and in an empty scene using compositor to create a render layer per scene connected to a File Output node.
In that case, you can register 1800 frames into several image sequences made of 300 frames.

But simplest solution is probably to queue scenes to render using command line options.

You don’t need an addon for few sequences to render.

I specifically am avoiding command line since for some reason it takes much more time to render due to every frame synchronizing for some reason. While rendering from blender i dont deal with those seconds wasted. And on 3k frames those seconds add up to hours. Ill try first method next time. This time i put everything into NLA and “repeated” NLA strips 10 times marking diff camera on every 300 frames.