render sculpt with matcap

hello everyone, since most of my work’s detail show with a matcap enabled, is it possible to render my sculpts with the matcap of my choosing? if yes, how can i do that? what are the step please? because every time i render, it goes back to the gray default color. thanks in advance

You can use the the blender internal renderer to use a shadeless material and a texture mapped to the objects normals


For slicing you could use the intersct tool. Intersect and the new vertices will be hlghlited, just press P to separate
If you use a series of planes you can slice multiple contours at once
You can also do the same with the knife project tool

So you’re saying that I have to follow a different method? There no way I could use the matcaps in blender and just render?

As you have noticed the built in matcaps do not render unless you do an OpenGL viewport render , they are for display purposes only. In addition you can only use the built in matcaps, you cannot add your own custom ones.

A selection of preset shader effects, (overriding regular materials) which can help visualize your models while editing or sculpting, without having to set up complex materials first.