Render Services?

Hey I apologize if this is a newbie question BUT, I’m just was just searching for render services to send out my renders so I can continue using my computer for projects.

I googled this and lots of options come up… one of those things where I’m not sure which service is best. Just curious what the community uses most, or the most popular services?

I’m using Octane Renderer for blender, dont know if that changes my options.

I’m a hobbyist so, still lots for me to learn about optimizing my renders, especially with octane renderer (Ive only used octane for very short gif projects) currently working on putting peoples music videos on to a TV I modeled with old ads from the 90s and infomercials (trying to tap into some nostalgia :slight_smile: ). I’m sure I can have some quicker render times if I work through some optimization, just running my other options. Looked into building a farm eeehhhh… maybe… but more curious about services that provide farms for cloud rendering.

If anyone’s got some knowledge on the best services let me know.

My computers going to be locked up for at least 2 days rendering this 4 minute video and a low sample rate haha! Whoops oh well. :slight_smile: