Render Settings for iOS/Vimeo

What settings or encoding for audio and video should I be using so that people on iPhone’s can watch the video?

Whenever I upload my video to and post on say facebook, it says that file type isn’t supported yet. But I know that you can watch some videos (from vimeo and youtube) through facebook, so I’m guessing it must be the format I’m using.

Any ideas?

Does anyone else have this problem?

So far I’ve tried:
MPG : MPG4 and MP3
H.264: MPG4 and AAC

You could check what the specs of the host to see what combination of container format/video & audio codec is supported and what is not.
You mention iphone but not all youtube or vimeo vids can be played back on an iphone.
When playback is supported on multiple devices, this means that the original videos users uploaded were re-encoded.

You know what…I think it’s because I have the free version of Vimeo. Looks like upgrading to Plus is what allows me to make videos playable for smart phones.

Is YouTube the same way?

No, only Vimeo has plus/pro versons you pay for, YouTube is free, also for mobile viewing. :slight_smile:

Also I am having trouble getting a decent muxed render too. I often get audio stream wont initialise depending on the codecs chosen, even when they seemed to work in the past. But I have not noticed a lack of portable media versions of my media.