Render Settings Not Appearing


Newbie, etc., etc. but diligently RTFM and running Tutorials.

I was doing a rendering tutorial and right off the bat, hit a brick wall. When I select “Render Settings” (either from the menu or via function keys), nothing appears, not even an error.

I’ve tried two different versions of Blender (2.48a and 2.49) on a MBP OS X 10.5.5. I’ve tried restarting my computer and even trawling through Console logs to see if there was any clue or message therein. Nothing.

Anyone have a next suggestion as to what to try? I would like to adjust my render settings for high resolution print output…

Julian Bleecker

Make sure you are in the correct subcontext (the second series of icon at the top of the buttons window).

This might help:


Okay, great. Thanks theeth for the pointer…I’m gradually moving from newbie to less-newbie.