Render Sharpness and Contrast

Hello, so I’m trying to reproduce the following image:

But I’m stuck at getting that contrast/ white shine/ sharpness. Also, the environment is looking a bit washed due to the high exposure (I think this is normal?):

about the setup:

  • For lighting I only have a 8k HDRI map and portals at the windows. (The strength of the world was set using Multiply and Add nodes from the HDRI map, as in blenderguru’s tutorials)
  • Engine: Cycles
  • 2048 samples
  • 4.000 Exposure
  • View Transform: Filming Log Encoding Base
  • Look: High Contrast

So, my questions are:

  1. What am I missing? If I let the exposure at 0, the room is very dark… :-?
  2. If there was post processing involved, do you know what kind of post processing was made and do you recommend some tutorials for that?

something like that?

grade.psd (1.8 MB)

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That’s awesome! Thanks! I always forget how important post processing is and I’m always trying to achieve the end result by just rendering the image…

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check out this tutorial, on how to disable glass from cycles pass and add extra bounces and effects to your hdr.

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Multumesc! :slight_smile: