Render Shows Black on outside and noise on inside of Object

I am trying to render a geodesic dome model that I have been working on. The dome was created in another program and was imported as a 3ds model. I had to modify the model by extruding some faces which is what isn’t rendering properly as shown in the screenshots below. I have tried to recalculate normals for both inside and outside, but that didn’t have any effect.

Anyone know what might I be doing incorrectly?

Ouside render which the lower level of the model is rendering as black but it should render with the same material as the rest of the model.

A render of inside the model, notice the noise on the inside lower wall.


The noise looks like a really small cloud texture…but I’m sure you would have checked out the materials already. Other than making sure there aren’t double faces, I don’t know what to say. Try deleting the bottom ring and extruding it again - sometimes the best way to fix a problem is to delete it.

The outside of the model isn’t a problem. It turns out that I only had a sun light directly above the model. I added a point light near the camera and it renders properly.

However, the wall on the inside of the model is still rendering incorrectly (noise). I deleted the vertices and re-extended which didn’t fix the problem.

Any other ideas? The model doesn’t have a texture applied to it.