Render size/coordinate plane

Lately i have been having some trouble with multiple things because of the size of my scene. This will be difficult to explain… The coordinate plane, it is not very big so it limits me on the size of my scene.

Is it possible to get around this size limit? Sometimes when i try to just shrink the scene, somethings tend to get screwed up a little(i think).

This is probably very confusing because i just do not know how to describe it. If you would like me to try expanding more just let me know.

Hi jsalit,
I do not know if that is what you are looking for, but you can change the size and other properties of the grid in View-> View Properties. If your scene is very large, be sure to also change the Clipping Start/End values in the editing category of your camera so that the objects that are further back will still be rendered.

Here is a thread about managing a camera in a large scene:

Hope this helps,


Yeah, I bet the problem is view-camera clipping. :cool:

The coordinate-system obviously has no real concept of “size” to begin with, much less of a size limitation. But the various design windows are, in fact, based on the notion of a “camera,” and they have the same settings as a camera-object: f-stop and front- and back- clipping limits.

Uh huh. That befuddled me, too.