Render size limit?

So, I’m trying to render something fairly large (7500x6900) and the render window will pop up, then blender exits. Anyone have any idea what’s up?

I just tried one at 7500 x 6900. Took about 5 minutes but it worked.
All I did was render the default cube scene.

I don’t know about any limit in resolution except the hardcoded one (10000x10000 px). But your problem might be caused by lack of RAM, because only the buffers (RGBA + Z) needs almost 1GB of memory. Add to this the scene itself, that might be also pretty high number if you’re using highres textures, dense meshes and you’re out of memory soon.

Try Save Render Buffers button, or there is some script on the internet that renders those large images in parts, so it is possible to render also highres prints. Search for this one.

Another, manual solution would be using the two point perspective and shift camera lens, and then manually join the parts together in Photoshop.

Here is the script: