Render speed: BI switching to cycles trying to keep same performance - any tips?

I found this old explosion tutorial.
My goal is to achieve the same animation but made with cycles. (181.2 KB)

But whatever I do the render times are a lot slower than what BI uses.
I do not need much quality, just make explosions that are quick to render to use as a background filler.

I am searching for tips to keep same BI render times but with cycles -making explosions-.

Any help is very welcome.

My first thought… could you try Eevee instead of Cycles? Cycles is not built for speed.

Thx yogyog, big trouble about eevee… still cant render volumetric smoke :frowning:

Yes it can. I’ve even done a tutorial about it.

I suggest that the first thing you should do is to thoroughly familiarize yourself with how Cycles, and Eevee, are different from BI. Their approach to “the same objective” is completely different – both with regards to BI and with regards to each other. (Ditto the now-reimagined OpenGL renderer.) Therefore, you aren’t going to “set up your problem” in, at all, the same way. This statement is of course “generally true about rendering anything at all,” but I predict that it will be especially true if you’re rendering an explosion and don’t want to wind up in “firefly hell.”

And, yes, I would definitely explore both Cycles and Eevee in this situation. Maybe render several other things, to “kick the tires real good,” before embarking on your explosion.

Thank you very much to both for the help.

I share what I got so far in case anyone wants to take a look and make a suggestion to improve it. (151.0 KB)