render speed increase


Just want to say there is defenitely a renderspeed increase in 2.46.
I upgraded from 2.44 and now loaded a simple test scene i did and the speed has doubled.I can’t give exact numbers as i deleted the older version already but first it was about a minute and now 26sec.
The scene is with Suzanne and HDRI in Yafray size 720x567.
iMac G5 1.8ghz.


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What is youre experience whit the rendertimes PapaSmurf?
Is it realy faster?


So there is no speed increase using the internal render system, just yafray?

I must point out that i came from version 2.43 and now 2.46 is faster.But the difference from 2.45 and 2.46 doesn.t seem that much.

sorry for the confusion.