Render Stamp

I was wondering about the render stamping. I would love to stamp my reneders for a short film I am doing with it for organization purposes, but is there a way to get it off? I have scene the Behind the Scenes of Pixar and Dreamworks films where they have similar stuff stamped to their renders but it obviously doesn’t show up in the final film. So is there a way to get the stamp off for the final short film?

Not sure this would be useful in your particular project, but I use the stamp on the OpenGL renders I do, the “playblast” or “animatic” versions of sequences and clips, not fully rendered. This gives me footage I can edit in the VSE (or other editor) without doing full-out (and usually time-consuming) renderings. It’s not difficult to match the final renderings to the stamped OpenGL frames for final editing purposes. It also saves rendering time in case editing reveals some scene changes to be made, and you can plan the frames to be fully rendered to the exact number needed.

The only way I can think of to remove a stamp applied to a finally-rendered frame is plan the cropping of the initial renders to include enough additional space top & bottom to contain the stamp, then crop it to final size in the Compositor or the VSE once editing is complete and a final version is to be rendered out.

I could imagine doing this as a compositing pass. While Blender can include “stamping” of frames with all kinds of information, it isn’t possible to remove this in the frames, except by re-rendering it. Alternatively, create a “render stamp” in your software of choice, then use a Mix node in the compositor to overlay the render stamp on top of a series of frames. When you want to, re-run the compositor pass, with the already rendered frames and just turn off the “stamp.” Hope this helps.

Thanks for the answers! I might think about rendering in 16x9 and then cropping to 2:35. Is there a good way of doing this? I could just frame with a resolution 1920x817 and then switch to 1920x1080 before rendering, but is there a better way of doing this?