Render taking long time to START rendering

The renders are using the eevee engine and I have done renders in the past which take a second or two. However now blender spends a ton of time BEFORE rendering anything. I’ve tried to render a still from cycles with 10 sampling which takes the render preview 5 seconds, yet took my computer 15 seconds. The progress bar doesn’t even start until 10 seconds. I have no idea what the problem may be, any help is appreciated!

You could share the scene and we could take a look.

You might try switching to Cycles, and do a render there, and see if the progress messages at the top if the screen are enlightening as to what work it’s having to do pre-render which might be things Eevee is doing silently.

Hi, thanks for the reply, Here are some screenshots, but I don’t think they give too much information :confused:

Cycles: Rendering is blank for around 10 seconds before starting any rendering

Here it is just when it “starts” actually rendering (10 seconds later)

Eevee: Same occurs, 0 percent on progress bar for 10 seconds, actual render takes a second or 2 after:

Does the default Blender scene with the cube work ok? If it’s just this scene that’s having issues, I would try making a copy of the scene and then try deleting things and rendering to see if you can figure out if it’s something specific that’s causing it. There have been and are some known issues with long startup times, but usually in Cycles it will at least get a far as displaying the Initializing… status and in your case it doesn’t even draw the render info into the image viewer it seems.

Again, if you can share the scene that would help.

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Hi, thanks Gavin. I copied the scene into another file and now it works for some reason, guess I’ll never find out, perhaps the file was corrupted in some way. Thanks for the help!

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