Render Textures?

Hi. Sorry if this is a stupid question, which it undoubtedly is, but is there a way to render a scene so that the lighting effects, shadows, etc. are shown on the textures or material of the model?

They should by default. Make sure you have Shadow on in F10, Render tab and in F5, Shaders tab (for each object in the Shaders tab). Then, for each object, make sure Shadeless is OFF in the Material tab in F5.


It’s not the actual render itself I’m worried about. I want to know if it is possible to apply textures or something like that from the render to the object, so that it would look good in the game engine or something like that without needing real-time lighting. Like, if I had a cube sitting on a plane and rendered it, the shadow projected on the plane and the lighting effects and everything would become the plane’s texture.

Ohhhh… In F10 there’s a Bake tab…