render the wrong pic

i render an image but the rendered pic is distorted in a bizre way

what could be doing that distorsion ?

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Do you have a displacement texture on it and do you have any modifiers that could be affecting it?

The render of the stone trough seems to be fine, but it has some other objects in front of it. Chances are you are editing in local mode, where you only see the object you are working on, but the other objects are there from earlier work. Check the outliner window to see how many objects you actually have in the scene. type / to toggle out of local mode.

i do have a bit of displacement 0.5 some
i’m trying to get some 3D effec but not too much so displacement works fine on a 3D speres but i’m wprking with a place here

anything else that culd be used
i need a rough surface and change of color for the edge of the tomb


no modifier yet and no local mode

Displacement is per vertex, so you’ll need a heavy subsurf modifier, also, turn nor all the way down, it makes displacement spiky.

i need some 3D roughness a bit spyki don’t mind

il try to make this plane a volume and see what happen
don’t know why byt it looks like there is one vertex going out of his way to spoil the result


i modified a spere and it’s OK
no wild vertex

what a strange behavior for the plane or modified plane

unless i used a modified cylinder subdivied i’ll try it later on


i tried to subdivide the plane and that works well
it seems that yuou need a lot of vertices to make it work well

but i don’t see the same result in the preview than in the render window ?


try to be as closed as possible to the real thing


Like I said, displacement is per vertex, use a subsurf modifier set to level 6 and set to simple subsurf. Subdivide your object so that the face density is fairly even everywhere.

this is the room where the tomb goes in

this is one of the detail for the whole pyramide

and i would like to perfect the procedurl texture so that it look realistic at leat more than a cartoon look!

Well first off for stone several layers of clouds at different sizes with color variation should do it, set the bump to be very small.

For the colored bumps you’ll need several more layers of musgrave textures set to voronoi noise with colorband set so the black dots are small of different sizes and different colors.

Use at least 3-4 copies of each texture type each a different size and color, then use the blending modes and color slider to affect the color directly.

But then the colored bumps will be affected by the clouds bump so you might need a seperate material and combine both in the node editor.

the texture i have there is already using 3 layers of musgrave textures
which is about right for the outside texture
i got to find other type of stone finish like limestone
if you know or have seen something let me know

i try to stau away from bump map and use a maximum of procedurl texxture
to reduce render time
when i have enough material i’ll try to post it but that;s gone take a few months because the whole pyramide is gone take a lot of time to complete - there are over 200 courses of stone
and each one will have a specific heigth for a good realist look
the more difficult task is to get a fairly good look and that aint gone be easy


Um, bumpmaps are usually important for the appearence of detail, you displace everything so even the tiniest crack is displaced cleanly you’ll crash your computer.