Render tiles - how to avoid visible seams between them?

Hi guys,

I noticed for the first time seams between rendered tiles. I assume, that’s the denoiser’s doing (that was still 2.9.3). While it’s not overly visible, I’d still like to avoid this issue.
Cycles, CPU only.

Any advice? Thx!

sometimes CPU renders dont have them or you can blur the whole image to soften it up

This is a 100% CPU render.
I’d rather retouch in Photoshop than blur the entire image, MAYBE this is due to 2.9 rendering and denoising at the same time instead of denoising the entire image like in 3.0…

don’t use normal denoiser use the compositor denoiser node.

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It’s being rendered on a render farm, but I get splitting enabled - so I should be able to do it in post, right? Nevber ever used the compositor before :sweat_smile:

blender has 2 ways to de-noise one de-noise during rendering 2 de-noise after rendering and during compositing you set that up and let the render farm do it’s thing

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Not sure what your mesh looks like on the rounded part ( Vaulted Ceiling?)…
Or how it was placed on the UV…but one thing you should always do is to scale down just a Fraction on the UV border so that no part of the UV touches the border…

Those are renders of equirectangular camera, the ceiling is procedural (Archipack pro with a floor material). What I mean is what I’ve marked here:

But I didn’t know that, as @hrijul_dey mentioned, you could tell Blender (2.9) to denoise AFTER rendering. That should eliminate the issue in the future. Since I had massive problems mixing CPU&GPU tiles (completely unusable results) I wonder nobody pointed me to this before (not that it would have solved that issue, but it would have been good to know)…

Thank you, guys :slight_smile:

can you do a favour I need a small hyper real window. can you guide me

I usually just use Archipack Pro Windows, depending on how close I get, I add additional textures. There’s a free version. test it! What needs to be hyper real about it, is there a very specific setting/environment?

rain window
I am am rain guy I make scenes in rainy environments
I wanted to make this

and at least once in my 3 year blender career I wanna make something this real

That might be your problem. Whatever that splitter is causing it, and it might not be the native Cycles tiling.

OK, I thought that referred to splitting passes for compositing! AT least I could alway download those passes… so what does splitting mean then?

Try something like this:
You’ll also find fruit and plants on BlenderKit.
Window from Archipack, wall material from BlenderKit, a bit of modelling, sculpting, some diffuse HDRI as backdrop + area light (from above) outside. I’m guessing you could weight-paint the material with denser drops on different parts of the glass.
Then, if you want realism, go for flaws - like in this picture, crooked horizon, off-center framing, lens distortion, physical dust&dirt, overly strong contrast (exposure on outside, no HDR/bracketing to simulate the human eye).
Don’t forget the floor, even if it’s not visible, it reflects hues onto the wall.

Just a few pointers!

Okai will get back to you

You need to ask them. My guess is that they split the image into individual parts and submit each tile to separate render node.