Render time: 16 mins. 1 Frame out of 100. ARGH!

I’m making a Film noir for school, where this chick has a flashback and the camera goes into the eye and fades out. Here is what the eye looks like:

As you can see that is without OSA. The reason for this is that it takes about 15 - 18 minutes to render that eye with OSA 5. Without OSA only takes about 5 -10 minutes to render. :<

Anyway. This is only 1 frame out of 100. And at 17 minutes per frame its ridiculous. I’m sure theres another way …

My eye has a glossy coating that reflects the bush you can see in the eye. This bush is a picture that a texture on a shadeless plane, that is situated just about the eye. As shown here:

And here is the bush:

When I delete the plane it can render the image in under a minute. :o

Why is this? How do I speed up the render?

If you think you know how to fix it, here is the file: ZIP - 105kb RAR - 66kb

Thanks :wink:

Actually such rendertimes are not all that extreme for animations. And, if you’re using raytracing for the reflection, I’m not surprised at all. Of course you can reduce the rendertimes a bit, but I suggest you just let it render overnight (about 23 hours?) and eat your pride. I believe the last LOTR film had a renderfarm of 2000 computers and sequences rendered for over 2 weeks straight.

Well, I got two advises gor rendering speed in this particular work:

  1. Use less subsurfs. Face has sub level of 5, which I feel is far too much. You really cant see a difference between levels 3 and 5, so set subdivs on level 3.

  2. Delete the plane and set the image in world options as background. Set the paper PAPER option on and BLEND and REAL off. From map options turn on HORI, ZenUP, ZenDO and BLEND.
    That should do the trick. Really speeds up the render.

(19 seceonds on my 1,83 Ghz athlon.)

Horray! Rendered in under 20 seconds!

Thanks for tips hippie. Did what you said and I went to my stopwatch to see how long it would take but by the time I pressed it, it had almost finished. :smiley:

Can’t thank you enough. :wink:

happy i could help you with that.

You can also use the Sequence Editor and compositing to greatly speed up renders. (As regulars know, I have to do this with my old, slow hardware.) Basically, you render only what you have to render and you composite different layers together to produce the final shot. As a simple example, anything that doesn’t move (and if the camera itself does not move) requires exactly one rendered frame.

16 minutes per frame… that’s nothing :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah it’s nothing, right, but for this time u should have a better quality than what your showing, else it’s not worth it.
rendertimes should always be compared to the result

but maybe u have a slow computer