render time??????????????

hello friends

I’ve got another question

how can I make blender faster?

I haven’t got difficult pictures, but the render and open time are very slow. can anybody help me with this?

I’ve got an 1Ghz computer and blender works very slow…

so if anybody wants to reply

I appreciate that


A couple of questions:

  1. What’s the vertex count in a typical scene you’re having trouble with?2
  2. What kind of video card do you have?

Possible solution: If you’re using an out-of-the-box system (I’m assuming Windows of some flavor), and you’ve only ever used their default video driver, you may not be experiencing accelerated OpenGL from your video card. See if there is an updated driver for your card. Note: this won’t affect your render time, but it could influence how quickly your blend files open and refresh onscreen.

If you’re having rendering slowness - maybe RAM? How much do you have?

And then, can you define slow?

Means minutes/hours or days?

My longest rendering was 45 hours on my PIII with 0.5 gig RAM (well that was LF actually, never did more than 8h in pure blender)


thanks for your reply

if you want change some things you will have to wait again for a couple hours?

that’s long waiting…

how many computers do you have for blender. I mean if you want to blender a day you can do only a couple of things a day.

Actually, the video card doesn’t have much to do with render time. I saw little difference in render times when I went from an awful S3 video card to a GeForce 2 but WORKING (translating, scaling, etc…) in Blender was TONS faster. Rendering is all processor. If you have a faster processor with a buttload of RAM, then you will get faster renders. I believe that rendering from the command line is also faster.

Oops, I guess I should have read Harkyman’s post a little closer. Sorry, dude. :slight_smile:

Only one but I use layers (all of us do, I think) so in the modelling phase I render only the layer I need, without OSA and stuff to get the feeling, much faster! Also I keep two layers for lights.

True lights for the final scene on a layer.

Fake ‘fast’ shadeless lights for quick test rendering.


Yo guys. Do any of yalls know if Blender can take advantage of dual processors? I’m thinking of buying a system and if Blender can use Twin AMD 1900s then I’m going with that system surely. My other option is some P4… any suggestions are appreciated.

I don’t think the rendering process support multi threading, but if you can select which process run on which processor, you could render your animations in two parts, each on one processor.