Render time.

How long will it take to render a car like this on 128mb, 1000ghz?

1000 Ghz eh ? :stuck_out_tongue: No time at all, probably…
Really we need more information, like materials, lighting setup, no. verticies, how much memory the thing takes up while rendering…
Why don’t you just render it and see ?

Shouldn’t take too long unless you really increase it’s complexity, though if your comp’s 1000 ghz it may not matter :o

Just about eveything you render in Blender (except for tons of particles) usually renders quite quickly until you turn raytracing on. For a car, you might want raytracing to do really nice reflections, but that can be done pretty easily with an environment map.

Sorry for posting shit. 1000 mhz I mean.

All the materials are default with some color only. The windows are the only exception. They are transparent.

Ray traced or ztransp?


It will totally depend on your lighting setup and material setup. As others have said, if you want nice reflections and nice looking glass materials then you will need to use built in raytracing.

If you are not too concerned with that, then the old blender standard lighting and materials will not take too long to render at all.

You can expect 20-50 minutes for raytracing, (again dependant on all your settings), and probably 30 sec. - 5 minutes for the non-raytraced render, just as a guess.


??? why not simply try and find out???

Why not?! I will. The problem is that i tried to make a very shitty test render. It renderded a few hours and then got an error.

Maybe your subsurf level is too high. Try too keep everything as simple as possible for your test render. Turn off all buttons next to the Render button in the Scene Context (Shadow, Env, Ray and so on). Turn off OSA and MBlur as well. That way it should render in a few seconds at e.g. 640x480.