Render times changing:

First off I’m rendering on the processor and the render times for one frame of a animation dropped today. Without me changing one thing the time went from 5:14 to exactly 4 minutes. And, this has happened in the past.

I once read a article where the graphic artist suggested Restarting your machine before any big render project. And, that’s really what happened here. Due to a Windows update my machine was restarted yesterday and has been in Sleep Mode since until this latest render. I’m I loosing it or has anyone else noticed render times creeping up and then dropping drastically.

Windows is like a navy man. As time goes by it picks up little diseases, can’t be helped much. Each of those little processes runs and runs, and leaks memory and takes little sips from the cpu. Every time you open some program it phones home and spawns little helper diseases. So yeah, cleaning out all unused crap will decrease render times on cpu.

If you open up a system monitor and look at the processes my guess is you will see a lot of strange ones. Some are legit, some may not be.

@Photox thanks and just maybe I’m not going nuts. I should have mentioned I run CCleaner and Disk Cleanup more then I should probably. And, occasionally turn off my Modem when rendering out a animated sequence since I suspect they are beeping the mother ship. But, as I mentioned the Restart seemed to have made a difference running those apps didn’t. Once again thanks.

I tend to never put my computer to sleep… There are times during sleep mode it offloads the ram onto the harddrive… which then makes it super slow when trying to read that ram back when I go to use my computer again,

I either leave my computer fully on, or shut down.

doublebishop I wasn’t aware of that. I know years ago they were saying HDs could build up static electricity in sleep mode. And, that a restart every couple of days would take care of that. Something is behind this creep in render times. The next time I notice it I will shut the machine down and on restart come right back to that render. Mine probably spends 3/4s of any given day in Sleep Mode so I will keep that in mind. When you have a animation in mind and the processor seems to be getting slower and slower it gets your attention. Thanks.