render times to slow, can i fix with multiple PC's ?

hey, im at a college campus and i was wondering if i could use some of the other computers in the network to share processing for rendering in blender ?

i wasn’t sure if blender has support for this so im asking you :]

I believe that a render farm will only work with Linux systems, not windows. But I’m not totally sure how.

If you are refering to rendering an animation you can always do it the manual way. Just seperatly set up computers to render different parts of the scene and then copy it to your main computer for video editing and such. That’s what I do here and it get’s the job done.

If you are running a linux cluster I think it’s pretty easy. You can tell Blender to render a scene through a terminal and some command lines to tell it what to render, without going into the graphical GUI.

There is a software called Nitrox that works for linux and winxp for render farming.

Check out this free renderfarm for Blender, Lightwave, and Maya: