Render times

Is there any way to make images render faster?

I’m working on an animation that is over 2 minutes long, and it must be done by Tuesday. Even at 20 fr/sec instead of 25, I will still end up with nearly 3,000 frames.
Trying to render these by Tuesday morning may be an issue, especially scince I’ve not finished the animtion yet.
Please help me.
This is my art final, and I’d really hate to flunk it. Especially scince I’ve already put so much work into it.

NOTE: I may be able to turn it in on Wednesday, but I wouldn’t count on it.

low res

no aa

faster computer

render in sections…

gosh this question is really really common here.

first thing.

in world, turn off AO if you have it on.

make the frame width and height smaller.

Make OSA (in world buttons) lower or just dont have any OSA

faster computer and less things running while your rendering will also help.

try downloading YAFRAY. sometimes it makes it render waaay faster. but the lighting settings are different.

i found that the size of an object matters more in blender internal than in yafray so make your images smaller. i once had a huge plane for a ground and the render time was …2minutes per frame. then it took it away. 1 minute per frame.

Even at 20 fr/sec instead of 25, I will still end up with nearly 3,000 frames

hey 20fr/sec should make it slower in flash or those types of programs. frames per second is just how fast it will play, no matter what you set it at, it will still have to render the same amount of frames.

also. do what i do for a long animation: leave your computer overnight.

15 fps or 30 fps
Either one of them will play back at the same time and speed, however the quality of the 30 FPS is better, yet the 15 FPS will be quicker to render.

Here’s an idea.
Find 10 people to render 300 frames, for your 3000 frames
1 -300
301 - 600
601 - 900

I am willing to do one chunk.

Now, get the RAW AVI files from each person (zipped) and piece it together with editing software.

Just a weird thought…
Theoretically, if you find 3000 people, you can have your entire project rendered in minutes.

That would be a neat side project though. Like [email protected] but for the Blender community. You lend your spare CPU cycles, and in return, you get to use the network grid for your own projects as well (a ratio system may have to be in place so that people won’t leech too much, or something). Would be great for people who lack the processing power to make something high quality.

If there isn’t such a project, someone should really start one (currently I don’t have the required programming skills, so I would only be able to provide ideas).

A bit more on topic though: Render a specific (low) amount of frames, and time it. Assuming that the complexity remains somewhat the same throughout the animation, you’d be able to calculate the total amount of time needed. If there isn’t enough time, you’ll need to cut back on CPU intensive features (like others have mentioned), or get a hold of more CPU power.

First of all, I know that a lower FPS will play back at the same speed with less quality. I’m timing things accordingly, thus making less frames in the long run. I intend to set it to music, so it will be the same length no matter what my FPS is. Thanks for the advice, though.
Also, upgrading my machine is out of the question. (for now , at least…)

Also, I remember hearing something about Render Farms…
Do all the computers involved need Blender installed, or can I just get a program that will let me borrow resources from another machine?

(If you guys could help me render this thing, I would be indebted to you for life. If several people say they’re willing by the time I’ve finished my animating, I’ll find a way to get it to you guys…Probably through e-mail…)

I’m just glad this will be the last project I ever do in Blender with a due date…

Render farms are usually server farms with rendering software installed, which you can rent. I think they’re normally meant for companies, so you may find it really expensive (although I wouldn’t know, I’ve never checked the prices).

What I was talking about was more of a community run rendering grid similar to the one of [email protected] (or any other @home project). In other words, distributed processing. I don’t think there is such a thing for Blender (yet), just saying it would be neat if there were.

But yeah, if all else fails, you could try to rent a render farm (assuming it’s affordable at all). Unless you know someone with a lot more CPU power that would be willing to render it for you.

Currently there is the BURP project based on the Boinic Engine (which runs *@home software like [email protected]) but the last time I checked the project seemed stalled. Also seems like it is geared for the PC (linux and Windows) crowd which doesn’t help us Mac users much.

At home I use Apple’s Xgrid (well we use it at work too) between my PowerMac, an old iMac and my iBook before it craped out.

In fact, I am trying to see if there would be enough interest from Blender users to start a community based grid using Xgrid as it’s core technology. I’ve read all the server documentation and understand that with a central server, something running OS 10.4 Server Unlimited, Xgrid can be used via the Internet much in the same way Bonic.

Also, there are tutorials to allow FreeBSD (assuming Linux as well) boxes to connect as agents(nodes) to Xgrid as well since like many core OSX technologies, Xgrid is based around an open protocol. There is also a JAVA Xgrid API now at as well that should, in theory, allow just about any platform that can run blender to connect to an Xgrid controller and be used as an agent.

You can click the link in my sig or just visit .

Too bad I run Windows…

Lower the resolution, turn off OSA, turn off raytracing (or at least AO,) renter at 15FPS instead of 30, use buffered shadows, bake everything you can (see, use radiocity to handle light and shows if you want nice lighting/shadowing without raytracing.

Post the blend maybe I can help with one of my spare machines.

matter of fact, post it, I’ll help render so you can make it on time. You’ll need a place for me to send a big animation file that you can merge in.

I’m almost done with the animation, so I’ll post it then
If both of us are rendering it, we won’t have to compromise many features to make it on time.It’ll still take overnight, but it should only take one night instead of two.

see if you can split it up into sections for people to render and ask them to render part of it for you. it would end up being much faster. if the chunks are small enough i could probably do an overnighter and in to next day for you. ~16 hours in a day i could leave it for you

msn [email protected]
aim hydravien

I’ve already started rendering the first half (currently on frame 125), so I can really only give out the other half.
Do you think you can render 1,249 frames in 16 hours?
If so, I’ll send you the .blend via e-mail.

I just did the math, taking what I think is the average render time for what I’ve already rendered, and it’s going to take 36.5ish hours to do HALF of it.
I’m dOOm’d.

Render 400x300 if its for tv.

hes started already…

if you could get someone to split the half with me i could probably do it while im sleeping or at school

^ whats your sys specs

nvm double post

has sent it to you
I’m not sure of my specs…
I’ve got an Intel Celeron proccessor. That’s all I know/can remember.
Thanks for helping me out…

Post the BLEND file. I’ll calculate what I can render within 12 hours on my PC.

These settings are all that is needed to be changed by “whoever” does a chunk of rendering.
I hope nothing needed to be “BAKED”, because FX like particles or softbody would need to be baked before piecing the animation from different people.

There is the option of a ‘blended’ cluster, if someone has access to a room of puters(at school or a quiky after a LAN party or something)