render to animated gif?

Is that possible? With a plugin maybe? I’m currently just rendering to png and making it animated with photoshop, but it takes a lot of time…

I don’t think you can, but you can with GIMP or Virtualdub, or apparently PS, and presumably a multitude of other applications.

that said, it might be possible to write a script that renders an animation, opens the frames in GIMP (or PS) and exports as animated GIF.

Rather than rendering to a sequence of image files, rendering to a video might be more versatile. Quite a few programs (including gimp, i think) can render out to a gif from a video file.

Its funny because you can make an animated Jpeg, which I do for youtube uploads. 1. render a seq of jpegs 2. import them to VSE 3. render VSE out as Jpeg animation.

Gimp is the easiest for ani GIFs.

miraiwarren, i think i’ll try your solution… i’ll update this post in a minute

edit: it works, thanks!