Render to Cycles?

So I have been working on glass in blender and all tutorials talk about using blender cycles. I use blender render; is it easy to switch between them or do I lose how my current work is setup and stuff? I am not too sure on it.


You’ll have to remake your lighting and materials if you want to use cycles. You can just duplicate your current scene so you have a version for both blender internal and cycles renderers

How exactly do I do this?

Do what ?

Make materials ? Watch and learn from the large number of cycles tutorials at cgcookie, blenderguru etc

Make a duplicate scene ? Press the + button to the right of your current scene name and select Full Copy. Each scene can use different renders. Just keep your current setup and in the new scene change your lighting and materials to those suitable for cycles.

How are the lighting and materials different in cycles? When I render my current image in cycles its all noise and stinky.

Cycles has had many changes since, but

You are my blender hero.