Render to File/disk?


I’m trying to render a file to disk. At the moment my render is displayed in a seperate window and everytime I try to save it (F3) it bombs out… maybe too big. So was just wondering if there is a way to save my rendering to disk somewhere.

The image must be saved somewhere or how else could the render window display it? All in memory?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I think all in memory, which may be why it can’t be saved. Were there any console error messages?
If it is a very large resolution image, the ReallyBigRender script might help. It renders the image in several smaller arts that you can then paste together. -

Thanks for that link! No, it did not give any error messages but I reckon it’s just a glitch/bug - suppose it’s normal since my file was 7000x4000 pixels ;).

10000x12000 pixels! - pretty amazing…

What do you mean with “bombs out”? If you try to save some other render, does it functiate normally? Have you tried to change the filename textfield on the Output-tab on Render-context?

… try to set the End Frame in the Renderbuttons to 1 and select a output Directory on the Output-Panel. Render with the Anim-Button or Ctrl + F12. This should save the Image immediately.