Render to match 3D view

Hi i am a noobie,

NOTE: I posted this topic in the wrong forum before and have reposted it here.

I really like the way my model looks in the 3D view and when i export it for use in XNA and unity etc they look fine. But I don’t understand how to make my model render nicely.

Is there a defualt lighting or something to make it render like it looks in the 3d space because when i render all my faces of my model are really noticable.

Its sound weird i know. But it looks fine in the the 3D view but as soon as i render its not nice.

Any advice would be great!

Edit by the way it is low poly, but it does look fine in the 3D view i have set the animation up and when i view it through the camera and watch it it look just like i want. However when i render its horrible.

Its sound weird i know. But it looks fine in the the 3D view but as soon as i render its not nice.

What does this mean ? You’ll struggle to get meaningfull answers without meaningful questions.
Attach screenshots, an example blend file something at least to demonstrate exactly what your problem is. There are many helpful knowledgeable people here but they are not psychic.

Blender always renders from a camera, so my simple sugestion to you is: put a camera on the scene, set it up so it looks like the viewport and render.

Hi, thank you for the reply.

I have attached two screens the first is after the render
The second is before.

I have zoomed in with the camera so you can see what i mean.

The faces in the example (not rendered) appear ok to me, i’m not good at modeling, i’m still new but for me at my current level it looks ok, (i know i am not good but i’m learning).

When i render all the faces reflect the light (i think) so it looks very poor.

I hope this gives more information and again thank you for the fast reply.

Maybe the effect you see through the camera depends on the Viewport Shading Mode you choose. That won’t render exactly as seen in the viewport unless you set it up ok. Try, for instance, to Shade Smooth all the object’s faces: select the object, jump into Edit Mode, select all polys, CTRL+F, Shade Smooth.

What version of Blender are you using? Maybe if you post a .blend we all can help you better.

That is alot better! I think it might just be lighting to fix it now. is there a way to use like default lighting as seen in the 3D view?

Thanks for your reply it has helped me alot.

Do you want it smooth? If so that’s another whole topic.

To render exactly as the 3D View you can use the render button located in the far right end of the 3D View’s header.