Render to Print

Hi all!

Very nice 2.58 release, but anyone could make “render to print” script work? As I work with Technical Drawings, sometimes i need an “A3” or an “A1”.

tks in advance!

Anyone got it workin?

It installs, no errors, but does not appear.

Any solution?


hi, I took a quick look & it’s broken…
I think this is useful too. :slight_smile:

where would i find this script, i’ll see if i can fix it.
is it the script by Marco Crippa ?

will need to dig around a little over the next few minutes to make functions calls call the right functions :slight_smile:

Needs testing, but works now :slight_smile:

the difference is :

  • The ‘Set’ Button, only sets render dimensions according to your choices,
  • To render you must press Render in the main panel as you normally would…
  • Hides ‘Set From’ (cm->px, px->cm) when the mode is not Custom. (these are standardized dimensions anyway)

svn has been updated :

Thanks for the fix zeffii! I’ve been missing this one a lot.

Thanks Meta and Zeffi for you attention!

This is a very useful add on!

Sorry for replying too late, but now it’s time to test!