Render to Quicktime

I’m using Vers. 2.83, and would like to render a project, with an alpha transparency, to a Quicktime format movie. What File Format, Container and Video Codec do you use? I’ve tried several combinations, but so far, all fail to open with the Quicktime Player??

Thanks for advice!!

For others inquiring about this issue…open Quicktime; go to File and select Open Image Sequence; select your images and select Choose Media. That will open a sub window where you may select Resolution size, Frame Rate and Encoder. Click OK, and voila!

Followed your input; however, when I tried “open with” and selected QT, a window popped up with “cannot be opened because of the format”??

Are you under MacOS?

Do you get the same error with this file?

Yes, report in window says, “The document “” could not be opened. The file isn’t compatible with QuickTime Player.”

Apple stopped support supporting qt png files with alpha.
You’ll need to use ProRes to have an embedded alpha channel.

Apparently the QuickTime Player is a little diva.
Anyway, the main thing is you found a solution.

Did not see the information from Ben_Morrison until I posted.
That explains everything, of course.