Render to texture performance

Hi all

Is there any way to use render to texture that does not eat up system performance? I have a pretty decent PC and using an example from Tutorialsforblender3d I get an 80% logic load.

I need to have a good framerate so I cannot set the frequency to anything other than 0- does anyone know how to do this efficiently?



Maybe with a quantum computer ;).

I do not know an efficient way to use videotexture. You might want to decrease the resolution and/or the playspeed etc…

Thanks Monster!

I don’t get the logic usage readout. To see what happens when it goes over 100% I appended a python script (that on its own uses 1% logic) and duplicated it ten times. When I play the file, the reading never goes over the 85% used by the render to texture method, even though there is other Python that will eat up 10% extra (so I expect 95% usage).

Even stranger is on the second play (i.e. start Blender, load file, press P, ESC and press P again) the logic drops to 14%.

Are the readouts approximate? Since the video input is from an ingame realtime camera it cannot be cached so I cannot understand the 60% drop in logic usage.

I too have been attempting to get better render2texture performance. What I noticed is that performance degrades big time when your do not use n^2 texture resolution. I don’t have a decent computer right know to show some example code but try to find out exactly wat texture resolutions you are using. I noticed when using a XGA (1024xt768) in game camera resolution the texture size is resized to 1024x512 1024x1024 (can’t remember which it was). I also noticed that camera resolution is taken from camera settings in render mode not game mode.

Let me know if it makes any difference…