Render to Texture?

I currently have the situation, that i want to create some eye-animation for a toon/anime character. The best looking solution was to just use a “plain texture” for the eyes. (just a test)

Because it is animated the texture also has to be animated. (Closing eyes, sight direction…) What i did so far. I build 2 different blend-files. One only for the eyes (Orthographic Camera, Shapekeys for Animation,…) and another one for the figure itself. Then i rendered the eye-animation, stored it as an animation of transparent png files. In the figure file i just mapped it as animated texture to the head.

Works all fine so far. But it is a pain to have 2 different files what will make it hard to make adjustments, syncing animation etc.

Now my question:

Is it possible to do this within the same file? In Games it is often called “render to texture”. Where your render one scene, store the result in a texture and use it in the final scene. (As an surveillance camera with monitor for example)

The only thing i found so far are “portals”. But that isn’t what im looking for. Any suggestions on this?

PS: My knowledge of python is very limited. I will be able understand the code, but im not familiar with the api.

I have a similar situation… I’ve searched all over 2.5 and haven’t find anything like that… I’d like to know if it’s there some way to render to a texture

I think the best thing is to save the eyes as a vertex group and use the shape animations. (Scale it along the z axis) ;]