Render view different from the render

I have a beginner’s question…I made some tiles to under my stuffed rhino, and in rendered view they appear as they should - with the 3d surface and little “channels” between the tiles…but in the actual render, the surface becomes totally flat :confused: what to do?

I’m assuming you’ve used a displacement modifier with the tiles? If so, make sure the “use modifier during rendering” button in the displacement modifier panel is checked.

If not, can you give us some more information on how the tiles were created, so we can make a more educated guess as to where the “Make the tiles 3D and channeled” information gets lost.

I modeled one tile, just a squashed cube with one side slightly smaller than the other, to get the “pyramid” look, and then i used 2 arrays to make the entire floor plane. For the material i’m using just a simple mix shader with diffuse (slightly brown-ish) and glossy shader inside.

That’s probably a more easier method than a displacement…silly me. Anyway, do we have the “use modifier during rendering” checked for our arrays? Are the arrays on a different layer to the rhino - if so, is that layer checked in the renderlayer panel?

That’s my best guess to why the 3d tiles aren’t rendering, but I must admit I’m at a bit of a loss as to how the “replacement” floor was created. Is there another plane beneath it? Sorry for the shotgun spray approach here.