Render view pixelated

(Petre) #1

Hello, When looking at rendered view I get a really pixelated view which I havent seen before in my other models so I assume I turned on/off some setting accidentally. Any ideas?

(Petre) #2

It also affects the solid view

(Stefan Werner) #3

This looks like precision issues. Are there coplanar polygons? Is this a very small model or is it positioned very far from the origin?

(Petre) #4

Yes it looks like coplanar polygons but they aren’t That is what is odd. The model is a house drawn at full scale.

Here is a link to the file:

(ajarosz) #5

Change clipping camera values. :slight_smile: Set start at around 5-10 and end something like 1000-2000.

(Petre) #6

Yes that was the problem. Thanks!