Render visible faces

Hey guys, wish you a good day!
I want toask if anybody tried or know how to render just faces that are visible for camera into transparent png files. I have this plane in two layers. One layer is plane body and second layer are wings. I already have render output set to render layers sepparately but this will render whole object and I don’t want that. I need just visible part of the object to be rendered into separated png files as I have in my composition.

So question is … how can I render just visible part of the object that just camera see?

After rendering these png files I bring them to another software and connect them together. But if I render them now part of the wings are overlaping with plane body and I don’t want to mask every object I will render, because I have more objects that are more complicated.

There is my plane

There you can see that the wings are overlaping with plane body but I don’t need that.

There si my composition nodes that will save rendered layers into the folder as png. (dunno if this will be helpful)

I render in cycles. (just for info)

Thank you very much for your time and have a great day!

im not an expert on Blender, but if you are in a hurry and need quick solution-

just save 2 files, and use “Holdout” material on the part to make transparent.