Render window is now forced to be on top of main window?

I’m not in a position to be sure, but I think that would complicate the code a fair amount for technical reasons. An actual Blender dev would know better than I do, though.

Here is a patch to fix this issue, if you are able to test:

Fantastic! It works! Wow thanks @Harley

I’ve never built Blender before so I went through the steps today

Then i modified the 5 files (render_view.c etc) in my source, and did a make.

This is a blender build question more than this thread, but when i did the

git clone git://
…and then the
make update

I ended up with Blender 3.0 Alpha. Should I start over and change the git source? I’m not sure what the syntax is to choose the latest stable build (2.93)

Once you have it compiling it normally makes sense to only compile current master, so 3.0 now. You can switch to other branches if you need to git checkout branchname but that is normally the exception.

Nice that you got my changes building, but you didn’t need to make the changes manually. You can download the raw source of the patch to a file on your computer. Then at the command line you can git apply whatever.diff

Wonderful, thanks for the tip! This patch is great.

No worries. That one was just approved so I’ll commit it soon. Done.

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