Render Window issue

Hey guys

Simple issues here… maybe. It’s kinda weird actually, if I render a picture in a window, the picture appears jagged… lots of aliasing. When I save the picture it clears up, and looks anti-aliased. Im rendering with all default settings, btw. If I render a picture in Blender’s image viewer its fine. The image quality just sucks in the window, and i dont recall it looking like this on my old computer. Once again, it looks fine if I save it.

I’m running blender 64 bit, on vista 64 bit, and nvidia gts 250 1 gb.

Like I said, the image is fine when saved, so this isnt a huge issues, I would just like the quality of the render window to be better… O_o Theres gotta be an option somewhere.

I noticed something like that when I was rendering a 1920x1080 image. But my screen resolution was only 2880x900. The render window was actually scaling the image down and it looked all crunchy. It really concerned me until I figured it out.

Makes sense, I guess thats my problem. Weird that when it renders in the blender window its still scaled but looks fine. I think im just gonna render in the image viewer from now on.