Render Window - Middle Of The Screen

(dlrn) #1

What kind of dark magic do I need for the render window to open in the middle of the screen?

Because by default it is always opens where my mouse cursor is.

I (maybe) found it in the old manual -nine small boxes-

But I can’t find those in blender 2.78

(Richard Marklew) #2

Change the Render Display to something other than ‘New Window’
The option you show has not been in blender for many years

(dlrn) #3

The problem is I want for the render to open in a new window. I just don’t want the window to open in a “random” location. (where my mouse cursor is at the time.)

On the other hand, thank you for your answer, but I know about the other possibilities. I just can’t figure out why the render window doesn’t open in the middle of the screen.

Is it just me? Is this option supposed to work like this?