render window size ?

in latest built 2.57

i cna change the render window dimensions
but the render from camera seems to stay the same same in middle of render window

so how cn i change this ?

happy 2.5

Not sure you can, but if you zoom with the mouse wheel into the render, additional renders should display at that size. I don’t have Blender in front of me right now, so I can’t snoop.

That only adjusts the view of your rendered image. If you need to render a larger image, you need to make adjustments to the Dimensions panel of Render Properties.

i change the value in dimensions panel but it changes the window size not the render itself!

even when i set % = 100 %
and i can zoom in may be the zoom has been set default very small
but where can i change this

may be by saving Ctrl-U with a larger zoom value ?


But is your value (matrix size like X x Y pixels) large enough to warrant a consistently large enough render window? I’m just trying to get more information. The rendered window size at 100% should automatically be displayed at full size without needing to zoom in so 1920x1080 at 100% should produce a render with the window at that dimension. I can’t see why a render of this size would displayed very small. Of course if your dimensions are smaller for the render, the zooming method above will make it bigger of course, but the resolution will be horrible.

looks like the render itself don’t cover the whole area of the window only in middle and it is small

may be it is the zoom factor with scrollwheel that has been saved with Ctrl-U while it was small

but is there a variables in set up which can change that ?

i’ll try to load a high pic on MSN account

still having problem to upload pic here