render window

is there a way to see the texture in a viewport on let say a plane
there is the Alt p i think that can open up a little render preview window
but not certain on the keys involved to open it up ?

this is very usefull when working on a teture and playing with the parameters to see the results whitout doing full render!


Shift-P is the render preview window. As for seeing procedural textures in the view point, you can in a way by subdividing the plane several times and then changing the display mode to Shaded.

when you create a new screen to show whatever you want or desire

is there a way to show a preview window bigger then the one you do with the
shift- P
in the button widnow you can size the panel incljuding the preview one to bigger with the plus sign i think but then you loose space on the screen !

i think i saw a theme with something like that but don’t remember where i’v seen this !


You can click and drag the bottom right corner of the preview window to make it bigger. You can set your UV / Image window to display your most recent render, but that is not a preview it is the whole render.

i can get this shift-P winodw in 3D and front view but not in top or side view

is this normal and why not the four views ?

another thing in the 3d view if i change the location ofn the preview it is changing what i see independant of the camera - it’s like a transparent window to the background
but shows all the texture of the obkects !
that’s a cool effect !


I can have preview windows in other views. You just have to press Shift-P with your cursor in each view pane.

As you noted, the preview is based on the current view not the camera. If you want the preview to be based on the camera, set the 3D view to camera (NumPad 0).