Render with 256 colors

(EngineerTec) #1

Is there a way to render a scene with 256 colors only?

(BeBraw) #2

Would it make sense to convert the rendered picture to 256 color picture with GIMP or similar program after rendering?

(PolygoneUK) #3

I’d just like to ask ‘why’ you’d need a 256 colour render? Like BeBraw mentioned, just alter the colour depth post-pro in GIMP etc…

What are you rendering? What’s the end destination of your image(s)?

(EngineerTec) #4

I converted the scene with Paintshop Pro, but the results were somewhat grainy. I was wondering if blender had a setting for color quality.

The scene is of “Dust Silos” and conveyers used in a manufacturing process. The scenes will be downloaded to Siemens Touch Panel and used as an operator interface. This device only supports 256 colors. I am thinking that toon shading might be the way to go but, I just wanted other opinions. I have not tried GIMP, but maybe it will do a better job than PS Pro.

(PolygoneUK) #5

Much clearer picture now.

Paint Shop can do very good Colour depth conversion from 24-bit to 8-bit (256 colours).

Most graphic apps like Photoshop, GIMP etc… do it.

From my own experience the key is choosing the correct method of how the 256-colour pallete is defined or indexed. There are usually various options available to the user to whittle down 24-bit to 8-bit with various dithering options etc…

I haven’t used Paint Shop in a long time, but try playing about with the various conversion/palette options because I’m sure Paint Shop defaults to quite a grainy and crappy setting.

Could you post a sample image of what it is you’re working with as that may help us in here to try it in GIMP etc… and tell you what settings/steps are needed :wink:

(Duoas) #6

It’s possible there’s a plugin to do that…

But the best color sampling I’ve encountered is with the Gimp. It usually does a good enough job that you can’t notice any significant difference between the original TrueColor and the 256-color images.

Be sure to save your render in a lossless format like PNG before reducing color depth, otherwise you’ll get some nasty artifacts…